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~Final Hearts~

The Path to the Keys...

Final Hearts - A SquareSoft/Enix RP
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Welcome to Final Hearts: The Path to the Keys...! This RP is open to whomever wishes to join, we just wish that you take a quick view of the site, to get an idea of the story, setting, and what not.

The story, thus far, as a quick overview, is very much Kingdom Hearts in flavor. Everyone is on an island world by the name of Paladecia, and in its main (if not only) city called Xion. Not much is known about the place, except that everyone woke up on a bridge and travelled to the island. For more, check out the Introduction Section and Current Events Section to know the whole story.

Currently, we're allowing characters from Final Fantasies VI to XII, as well as Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. We are also allowing characters from other SquareEnix games, we just don't have them listed on the character list. This goes for any Final Fantasies before VI and after X-2 (which is Final Fantasy XIII, and a possibilty of XI, as well as any of the sequals to Final Fantasy VII, including Before Crisis). We're pretty flexible. We'll also allow created characters, but please list which game your character is from. This means if your character is flavored for Final Fantasy X (an example being a summoner, or ex-summoner), you list from FFX, and mention that it's a made character. Due to us allowing this, we want an in-depth biography. If there are spoilers or secrets that you don't wish the other players to read, just mention that at the bottom, and contact one of the mods about it.


The Mods:
Here is the list of the two mods running this RP. If you have any questions, comments, and what not, in brackets, are their AIM screen names.

Cely-chan - Shandi - [AkaneCeles] - Main Mod
M-Chan - Mina - [EloraDanaan777] - Co-Mod


Important Links:
The Community - Where we RP
The OOC Cumminity - Where the players talk out of character
OOC Community Info - Information about the OOC Community
A Quiet Retreat - The in character message board for the RP
The Rules - Some simple rules for the players to follow
The World - Information on the World in this RP
The Characters - Characters taken and open to take
Character Adding - A way to mass-add, and/or remove older characters
The Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) - A list of the Rps NPCs
Introduction - A small introduction, ic, of how your character arrived in Xion.
Current Events - A quick catch up on what's going on
Links - Links for the RP, including a banner, if you want to proudly say where you're RPing!
The Application - This is where you apply for the character you want
Site Updates - Where Cely posts updates about the Site


~Final Fantasy is Summon Love~