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~Final Hearts~ [entries|friends|calendar]
Final Hearts - A SquareSoft/Enix RP


A few words...

Welcome to Final Hearts: The Path to the Keys...! This community is for roleplaying in the world of SquareSoft/SquareEnix. For more information, check out the website. It will give information on the story, the rules, the characters taken, etc. Please enjoy! When you're done, fill out the application! Good luck!

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Posted on April 25, 2013 @ 11:58 pm

[ mood | busy ]

A post so that this community will not be purged.

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[Final Hearts Application] [
Posted on April 12, 2006 @ 10:55 pm

[ mood | working ]

Welcome to the application! To check availability of the characters, go here to see what is taken and what is not. Also, here is an example of the application, to help you out a little. Good luck, and thanks!

One last thing, please do not post character pictures instead of describing your character. Please follow directions. Also, do not make character journals, nor join the community until after you have been accepted.

The Character:
Character's Full name:
Age (doesn't have to be character's original age):
Gender/Sex: (Male/Female)
Birthdate (doesn't have to be the character's original birthdate):
Where is your character from (place, not game)?:
What game is your character from?:
Weapon of choice:
Physical Appearance (at the least a paragraph):
Short Biography (at the least two paragraphs):
Anything else?

Sample of Third Person:

The Player:
Name (first only):
Personal Journal:
Aim Screen Name:
Have you RPed before anywhere? (won't affect acceptance):
Favorite SquareSoft/Square-Enix Game?:
If you do not initially get the character you wish for, would you be interested in applying for another character?:

Please copy and paste this application, and e-mail it to xFinal.Heartsx[at]gmail.com, please. ^^;

DO NOT POST APPLICATION ON REPLY! Only reply if you have a question, or IM the mods on AIM (akaneceles[at]gmail.com or Tsuzuki_Asato_YNM[at]yahoo.com).

~The Mods

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